Meaning of the name Jonah:
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Gender: Male
Usage: English, Biblical
it means he will love you with everything, protect his friends with his life, and will overcome anything that gets in his way, he is often very attractive, but is bullied. i know a guy named Jonah and he is the sweetest person i have ever meet.
Sweet, handsome,easy to talk to,loving
My name is Jonah and it means cared of little ones
I have a brother named Jonah and he is the most caring person ever and he is soooooooo nice!!!!!!!!!:) :)
A name from the beautiful bible
it means sweet, caring... my crush's name is jonah and he is the sweetest most kind hearted boy i have ever met
Sneaky and always looking for trouble
he is not a doesh
I think it just means awesomely lovey!
Jonah is the AWESOMEST name EVER!!! I have a friend named Jonah and he is awesome!! I love my friend Jonah!! Couldnt have a better friend!! (maybe)
means he's my brother my awesome 9t grade bro
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