Meaning of the name Jorge:
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Gender: Male
Usage: Spanish, Portuguese
it mean that he is a wonderful person
Jorge is cool,smart
He's smart,has a lovey rear end body, always smells good, has pretty brown eyes, n is a amazing person n he's also great in bed;)
best boyfriend in the whole entire world!!!!very patient and lovable, always on time, never says no, good energy, very funny! and all mine :)
my name means a male who is hot and lovey he is rare
best name in the world mutha fukkas nobody cant top it
he is super lovey and totally the best
Sturdy, unstoppable, strong, brave, courageous, righteous,straight (nonhomo) these all describe Jorge (said like George, not 'horhay' this time).
it means that they are smart
Jorge Is El Vato De Mis Suenos ;] Te Amo Always & Forever
jack off too much
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