Meaning of the name Josie:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English
Josie's are caring people with many friends. They are great listeners but also love to talk:)
Josie means being the BOMB! whoo Hoo!
Josie actually means God Will Add.
Heck yeah they're awesome, my name is Josie also^^
My name is Josie as well and i'm neither of those things. I'm a 19 year old with depression.
Josie are also Nice caring and love to be in the middle of things. I should know I AM A JOSIE TOO. ^^
blonde haired blue eyed beauty who loves to party josies are thee browntt!!
my names josie pronounced ( joe-see) my real names josephina but i love the name josie and i love my sisters selena and juanita u rock selena y juanita te amo
a lovey girl with a big end
can also be a tomboy
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