Meaning of the name Juan:
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Gender: Male
Usage: Spanish, Manx
Juan means a super hilarious guy who loves to give people hugs, and who also needs to get minutes on his phone! Loved by many, hated by few.
A fun guy who is a momas boy and raised up to respect everyone except haters haha (my moma said so haha jk) NA juan is a great friend/boyfriend who loves to flirt and hangout with friends
It means "God is Gracious"....rear end in a tophats
a geat fun guyy (:
juan is the name that means these people rock and love to flirt
my name is juan and wow
Love to make people laugh or feel good about themselves when they are feeling down.
a handsome guy with cool friends and very strong
juan is a loyal and fun loving person. he loves to hang and hates only haters
next NFL superstar
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