Meaning of the name Judith:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English, Hebrew (Anglicized), French, German, Spanish, Biblical
it means a fun outgoing person who isn't afraid of anything
My name is Judith but I go by Judy. I have very few friends but my friends are for life. One thing we are is loyal to family, friends, and lovers. We are giving in nature and sneaky by trade. We are loving and honest. Ha ha ha.
This name means "the praised on".
A Cool Persom & Halarious All The Time.!!
nice person :)
my bestfriend in the whole world. she can never say no, sweetest person ever!!
my mommmmmmmyyyy
it means nice and onder standing
Best person you could ever meet! ;)
Judith means faithfull, funloving friend :)
a very pretty girl and is a lover. to me!
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