Meaning of the name Judy:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English
Judy means praised.
Nice graceful wonderful swet as sugar and happy to hang out with her grandchildren
i have an aunt named judy and she is indead a peacful woman with a lot of heart and very loving and caring. she is also very pudge and very
Judy is a sweet sensitive caring woman she is not skinny or fat
judy means a charm
my best teacher!!!
its my name and my gmas name too we are both really skinny but we r full of life we are very active my gma is 62 and has 3 jobs i do track and like to play basketball and football so i think its a active name and means that that person is full of life and is a very cheery person
judy is very funny
they can be nice when they want to be
judy means rude and moody
Judy means praised by GOD.
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