Meaning of the name Justin:
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Gender: Male
Usage: English, French, Slovene
justin meens a vary talented person
Justin is an amaizing boy. He is the best boyfriend a girl can have. He will put her first before anyone else. He will Treat her with care and love!:) He can be annoying at time but you gotta love him!;D
fun-loving likes to prank people doesn't like to harm people at all will win for anything,never likes to lose on anything likes to play video games and also love spots
Justin means amazingly cute and talented at sports
a nice and a wonderful guy to hang around with because my cousins name is justin and hes funny cool and really nice !
justin means hes awsome in every way
you jerks my boyfriends name is justin and he is sweet so shut up
suck my balls Justin Bieber cause you don't have any
It meanz a guy from your clrear end who stole your phn...nd endz up makin a fool out of himself....
A really really nice and sweet
uh, this is funky.yeah. ready?letsgo.ATL baby is where i a young white rapper, & i dont get high.teenage girls is what i really like,im still a young boy, but still so fllly.uh, lets go.yeah, uh.yeah you see my smile, caught it on the camerrra.drink a red bulll, grew wings, see the stamina.shout out to my boyyys, yeah. they up there in Canada.i used to live there, till i moooved to atlanta,where the girls are so hot.yeah, the girls are fiiine tooo.catchhin' bieber fever !forget the swine flu ! (:uh. uh. uh.ready?can i be the one, to take you roound town ?be the one to calll when your feeeeling so dowwn ?i coullld be your mann, you can be my crown.uh jbieber. first name laasttt name !im jbieber. check it in the past lane !im jbiebr. im always in the fast lane !yeah, uh.tim westwoooood. (: ♥belieberrrr. folife. (:
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