Meaning of the name Justin:
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Gender: Male
Usage: English, French, Slovene
justin meens a vary talented person
Justin is an amaizing boy. He is the best boyfriend a girl can have. He will put her first before anyone else. He will Treat her with care and love!:) He can be annoying at time but you gotta love him!;D
fun-loving likes to prank people doesn't like to harm people at all will win for anything,never likes to lose on anything likes to play video games and also love spots
a nice guy and knos what he does and nobody better not gently caress with him...
it means--- Just or true. it also means good looking :)
JUSTIN BIEBER is not happy
I like a justin
look you guys are just hating on him cause hes a better singer then you
a awsome boyfriendsophie dean
meens awesome, smrt, nerdy lovey bed monster
Justin means lovey
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