Meaning of the name Justin:
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Gender: Male
Usage: English, French, Slovene
justin meens a vary talented person
Justin is an amaizing boy. He is the best boyfriend a girl can have. He will put her first before anyone else. He will Treat her with care and love!:) He can be annoying at time but you gotta love him!;D
fun-loving likes to prank people doesn't like to harm people at all will win for anything,never likes to lose on anything likes to play video games and also love spots
it means--- Just or true. it also means good looking :)
a nice guy and knos what he does and nobody better not gently caress with him...
a awsome boyfriendsophie dean
I like a justin
JUSTIN BIEBER is not happy
look you guys are just hating on him cause hes a better singer then you
just and rights just like Jesus
Just, Fair(for the record I LOVE Justin Bieber, so I searched his name :D
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