Meaning of the name Kai:
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Gender: Male
Usage: Frisian, German, Scandinavian, Finnish, Dutch
Kai means strength :)
In Hawaii it means sea/ ocean.
In Hawaiian, Kai means ocean or great water.In Latin, Kai is rooted in the word Gaius, which means earth.In Welsh and Scottish, Kai means "Keeper of the Keys", after Sir Kay, from King Aurthur's Knights of the Round Table.In Persian, Kai is an epithet meaning King, i.e., Kai Kavus. So Kai Alexander could be interpretted (although this was the not the intent) as King Alexander.In the Maori language, kai means "food", such a fitting term given how much he eats!
It means ocean in Hawian
may have creative, artistic and musical abilities.
Kai means ocean in hawian
in japaneese it means river
kai means awsome an amazing in every way
kai is the guy of my dreams
Kai is a girls name too and people who are named Kai are pretty cool
is in love with a girl named ciara but keepsit a secret
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