Meaning of the name Kaila:
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Gender: Female
Usage: Yiddish
This name means you are a angel and you will stand up for what you believe in :)
This name means 'Pure' (:
lol i think it means smart and pretty and a good friend and does not care what anybody thinks of her=)
kaila is the bestest friend anyone could have and a sweet person
Kaila is the one all the boys want to go out with
It means Honest and Cute. I have a honest and cute cousin cousin named Kaila and i have a friend named Kaila. no homo. they both pretty and honest.
it actually means "pure" in old English
the key holder
Whoever's name is kaila,is a bright,always smiling person :-)
this name means "to be nice kind and loveY!!!
it means that you are pure kind and true and will do all of your work and follow all of the rules and rules of the world as well as laws
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