Meaning of the name Kailee:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English (Modern)
in greek it means pure, holy meadow, blessed, and pure beauty i shuold no bcause i have stayed up all night looking for meanings for a AVID project. and please if u dont have anything child-appropriate please dont post it thanks
kailee means friend always bye you side even if not there for you
big sister pretty nice you can trust her as a friend love family and friends and the same
A good friend,,That You can trust.
A beautiful, person who is trapped inside their shell as if it were a prision. But only a good friend or lover can help them escape.
dependable person
beautiful smart and intelgent girl with a warm heart :)
It's actually Irish for "party"
Kailee well she is beutifull has two horses named landis and risky a fjord and pinto. She is 100% country and has the most vibrent red hair. if she is told she can not do somthing cause shes a girl she will not give up tell you are proven wrong. LONG LIVE THE IRON COWGIRL
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