Meaning of the name Kaitlin:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English (Modern)
Generally sweet and kind.Can have a little atpillowude, But never to hurtful. Mostly very good friends,awesome problem-solvers and all out cool people!
Perfect, elegant, boys LOVE her, smart, sweet!
she is kind sweet and loveabul
Kaitlin actually means pure...
it mean your cute smart boys like you and you are trustful
Kaitlin is a beautiful name and it does no mean alot of stuff that u all have put up there my friend kaitlin is nice shy quiet outgoing funny girl so u got it tottally wrong!!!
it means loving pure fine personas
It means she is cool, loving, manerable, and smart.Or at least mine is.-Kenna
my name is kaitlin i go with the boys like me be cause boys do like me oh iam also good at solving problms!!!!!!
My name is Kaitlin. I am smart, I can be very aggressive, I am normally friendly and quiet. When I am hyper, I will be VERY annoying. I don't make friends easily. If someone(like an adult) yells at me, I will more likley burst into tears (I hate being yelled at)
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