Meaning of the name Kaitlynn:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English (Modern)
I have a BFF named Kaitlynn. She is like the most coolest friend a person can have. She is charming, sweet, ingenious, funny, sometimes hyper, etc. :)
kaitlynn is a pretty girl i know because i live with one and she's funny,smart,and pretty.
My name is Kaitlynn!!!!!!!!!!!
Pure,loving,and fun
i think kaitlynn means beutifull amazing girl who is her own person that thinks in awesome ways that is that girl who is always who she really wants to be
kaitlynn means pure:)
it means that your just a really fun person to be around with.
my name is kaitynn
this name means thouth
kaitlynn means pure:)
Kaitlyn is a girl who is gorgeous, sweet, caring and loved. She has a million friends and is very trustworthy, but is also trusting. She can sometimes rush through things, and trust people with things important to her. People hate when she gets hurt and the friends she picks to be close are seriously loyal.
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