Meaning of the name Kaleb:
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Gender: Male
Usage: English (Modern)
It is a Hebrew name meaning dog or stubborn.
The name Kaleb Means Dog, Heart, Forceful, and Biblicaly means Servant of man
Dog, brave
Kaleb means dog so another term Fr dog is a female dog so a fine person so kaleb means fine person cause all kalebs are little woman rear end fine persones
My best friend name is Kaleb and he is funny, cool, and awesome, and a beast.
it mean dog which that means fast and strong
Sweet,caring, and god following.
the coolest person in the world, a funny guy who is smart, athletic, awesome, good at math, and honest person, he knows when people need help and strives to help others. he has a heart of gold and can be full of comprear endion and is really understanding. he is also someone who will not let the past predict his future. also can sometimes be clueless (usually with girls) and seem stupid at times.
happy in latin
hes a dog!!!
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