Meaning of the name Karen:
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Gender: Female
Usage: Danish, Norwegian, German, English
Beautiful woman in the inside. Everyone loves you Karen.
Pure with natural beauty
nice, friendly and helpful
Karen just means pure && natural. Karen iss ah name that means earth which iss 1 of the 4 elements that make uss up:)
karen means lovely girl
Karen means pure
karen id the nicest and prettiest girl eveerrr she soo nice and reallyy really smart ............. and i lllluuuvvv3333 hheerr sooooo muchh !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
im called karen and im pretty and succesful.
it means smart and nice
nice helpful lovely girl might not be preety in the outside but is in the inside
Karen is a smart girl and does really good in school but sometimes gets bored.she has a unique personality.sometimes might get stressed out over her big family but will always love them.she has big lovey thighs!! u will LOVE Karen!!!
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