Meaning of the name Karol:
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Gender: Male
Usage: Polish, Slovak
Karol is the NICEST girl in the world, and if you don't like the name, why'd you look it up?? Stupid ppl.
it is my dead bunny's name
Karol is a girl name. i have a best friend named karol. shes very smart, kind and blonde at some moments but u gotta luv herrr!!!!!!!!!! she also is one of those people that lights up the world! and to all those ppl who said SHE is a guy. if u havent looked around the world. there r ppl aka girls namd karol. so shut ur mouth. get it? got it? GOOD
Karol can be a girl's name and a guy's name. It is a good name either way, like it or not. A girl I know is named Karol and she is an amazing person. She is very intellingent and kind to others. Most people have the name "Carol" instead which is more common, but Karol with a "k" instead of a "'c" is a lovely name as well.
its my forst name and im a girl
Karol is such a beautiful name because that's my name. ;-)
My SISTERS name is Karol. i never thought i would say this but ppl with karol for a name means that they light up the world with their actions.luv ya sis..... :P
Polish for Manly, or A man. (If you were named after John Paul II this is what it means).
This is very helpful to me. I spell my name carole but because i deeply love Pope St. John Paul with all my being i am now going to spell my name Karol after my blessed saint. I am very thankful for your information about this name. Karol Underwood My email is
Karol is weird Polish kid. Some who tries.
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