Meaning of the name Katelyn:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English (Modern)
katelyn means an awesome,smart,hyper,loving,caring,and sweet personwell that is what i am. I luv all katelyns! -KATELYN!!!
it mean lovely =]
LOL to the 'Katelyn means hot lovey and fiesty but nice sweet and kinky' omg thats so funny :) my name is katelyn and whoever said it means girly and fine persony im sorry that ypur jealous bout everyone whose name is Katelyn:). Katelyn means pure, sweet, caring, n a loveable person
My name is Katelyn but I usually go by Katt. I love my name, my friends always make fun of me by saying I am too inocent for life because Katelyn means Pure in I love my name though. Hi to all the Katelyn's in the world. I love you all! xoxo ~Katelyn
Katelyn means loving, kind, graceful, and peacemaker. My name is katelyn, so hopefully its true:)
katelyn-means purebuty and if ur name is katelyn ur preety and dont let other people say ur not!!!
katelyn means- purebuty if ur name is katelyn ur preety dont let anybody say ur not!!!!
It means it my name (: I like Blessed Pure Holy Beauty (:
a kind gentel girl!
I believe this means pure. I'm not sure, but...I know it definately does NOT mean buetifull and can get any guy! (Im just hyper..alot)
Katelyn means nice,sweet,and kind but sometimes hateful.And i agree with the other im treated like that to and im not a girl and some other stuff god bless all the katelyns
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