Meaning of the name Katie:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English
A beautiful person on the inside and outside.But can do the wrong things when people push her and they tell her to do the wrong thing!!!!!
It means a beautiful, smart, and kool person!!!!!!!
my name is katie and i'm a brunette and i get good grades (im not dumb) and many people have said im beautiful
Nice & close to God outgoing and always lending a helping hand. Loving funny pretty & smart fun to hang out with and very careful with language. Also very very COOL.
katie means pure not retarded blond who walks the halls!!! wtf???? and btw, katie is a rockin name and it will ALWAYS be!!!! for all the other katies out there, KEEP ROCKIN'!!!!
The name Katie cones from the Greek and it means pure.
it means Pure, im in 5th grade, c'mon people
katie does NOT mean retarted you retards!(:kay bye!
I'm Katie and I get good grades and play a string instrument Rock on all you katies!
I'm smart!!!!!!!!
My Name is Katie i have Brown hair and if u say katies are stupid your wrong and you shouldnt think people are stupid at all that is not right.... I think the name katie is confodent and crazy like they do what they want! and no one can stop them..! :)
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