Meaning of the name Katie:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English
A beautiful person on the inside and outside.But can do the wrong things when people push her and they tell her to do the wrong thing!!!!!
It means a beautiful, smart, and kool person!!!!!!!
my name is katie and i'm a brunette and i get good grades (im not dumb) and many people have said im beautiful
katie means pure not retarded blond who walks the halls!!! wtf???? and btw, katie is a rockin name and it will ALWAYS be!!!! for all the other katies out there, KEEP ROCKIN'!!!!
The name Katie cones from the Greek and it means pure.
Nice & close to God outgoing and always lending a helping hand. Loving funny pretty & smart fun to hang out with and very careful with language. Also very very COOL.
katie does NOT mean retarted you retards!(:kay bye!
it means Pure, im in 5th grade, c'mon people
I'm Katie and I get good grades and play a string instrument Rock on all you katies!
I'm smart!!!!!!!!
A lovely androgene with black hair, a big heart, and gold-colored eyes. The one who made me believe that maybe gender stereotypes aren't unbreakable. Definitely the smartest and most AMAZING person I've ever met.
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