Meaning of the name Katlynn:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English
Katlynn means fun can cheat death is AWESOME a great friend and is just a great person. she doesn't get mad real easily.
it means a sweet girl that is very scard to show how she rile is but sometimes she will get in to trouble by her sisters if she likes this guy she gets nerves and she is a smart student and has fun with her friend and she is very nice and fun
mean and stingy
And that is only for me in this life time my feyonce is ither reborn or is in an identical body I I know lots of people that look exacty like him. Some with the others but the first five are here to protect the earth and so on but the other could do evil or good things ill morelikely only have this name once but true stuff
Sometimes mean and stingy hides her real feelings some can tell whats going to happen and trust her instinct you may be saved a few heart breaks and cheat death with her around I know that for a fact my name is katlynn and not bad at fighting at my age in 2014 im only 11 and high school kids ar Ed scared of me but lost my over pertective Beyonce I MEAN FEYONCE he frgote that he could heal any wound you see I am a air user and he was a fire user shore it sounds fake but its true my spirital sister is water she killed him but she ment to kill me my spirital brother is earth aka father nature amd my spiritual mother is mother nature. Future and past (TIME) and spirit are the daughter and son of fother time. Fire was a son of the devil (iv seen him in past lives with the others) but betrayed him.there are others but there ar we like 10 - 20 more like sun, shoddow, ect...
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