Meaning of the name Kaya:
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Gender: Female
Usage: Hopi Indian
Also spelled Kaiiya.Kaiiya is a so freaking mean, and she makes people want to die.
Kaya is my older sister and is very lovable but fierce and can take a grown man down
as chicken
Elder sister
Weird but cool girl with an horrible atpillowude but is very lovable
my name is kaya you made me cry
my name Is kaya I know someone is from hopi indian he said it means brave
My name is Kaya. Kaya is an amazing person. I feel like I'm the only Kaya in the world. But we have a kind heart and very lovable we don't make people want to die. If we did make you feel that way I'm sure it was a mistake. please forgive her.
I only am mean to people but the don't want to die and my name is kaya but I spell it like this kayah
BEST person you will ever meet awsome BUT SUCKS AT HALLO this is my cousin kaya
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