Meaning of the name Kayla:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English
kayla means pure beautiful smart loving kind strong wise shy and brave
Kayla means someone who is skillfully talented a smart kid beautiful and someone you can look up to and active
a beautiful girl who is crazy in all aspects of her lifeeeeee
a fun person to get along with but shy also easily irratated.......... I know cuz im a kayla and i know how us kayla's are we are beautiful we are awesome we are not biloveual we are not poo poo heads we hold our heads up high (sometimes) we fight for our friends
i have known a kayla almost my hole life she is awsome at so time can be wierd but is a best friend
Kaylaa Means A Very Talented Nd Smart Person
okay obviouslyy you quyz dnt know waht our name Kayla be forreal it means PURE originating from the Greek word katharos.! Which like i said before means PURE
kayla is someone who can be crazy at time but nice to hang around and can be weird and funny all the time
Smart and always kind beautiful girl!!!!!!!!!
BEAUTIFUL!!! loveY!!!!
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