Meaning of the name Kaylee:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English (Modern)
hot? really? well it means buetiful and funni :) luvly and smart and cute and fun to be with :) -- from a kaylee herself lol
I'm a kaylee..and I consider a kaylee to be absolutely beautiful inside and out. Very book smart, people amart, and also street smart. Tough times will occur, but somehow a kaylee will find her way out of the sad times and into the happy moments ahead(: -- to all the kaylee's who may read this-- you are amazing no matter what. You are inspiring to others, funny, and don't forget that you are absolutely beautiful!
Falls Head Over Heals in love uncontrolably for really funny people
a beautiful weird girl
shes my amazing wonderful always there super hotttt good timin best friend and i love herr!
I'm a Kaylee too. I agree with all of this. Hard times happen, but Kaylee's always make it through(: beautiful inside and out and always trying to make someone smile(:
im a kaylee too all my friends say im crazy cause i am just so random and crazy
imma kaylee .. kaylee just mean BEAUTIFUL SMEXXI AND AWESOME.. fall sin love easily
shes a lovey beast thats outgoing and wont let anything stop her shes also nice and caring and will help you at anytime even tho she might be busy so meet a kaylee and be prepared for the time of your life
Really beautiful and funny. Does what she want when she wants. Shy when you first meet her but then shows her real self. She will get heart broken and she can get someone to fall for her then break there hearts. But she's nice to anyone and everyone
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