Meaning of the name Keanna:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English (Modern)
the awesomest person in the worldlovingcaringbut supper exciting
Keanna can be speeled many different ways and pronounce many different ways. It is a unique name for girls to have. And all the people who say those rude comments aare not unidue they are dumb stupid and not there age. They should be arrested. My name is Keanna and i love it.
im sooooo like that kind of what am i saying im totaly like that
my sisters name is keana (kee-ahn-ah) she is what the meaning says
loving snd generous
sweet and caring my name is keana
My NAME is keanna and i love it it means nice,funny,playful&AWSOME!
[a person who is very kind hearted
this is my name and i love who i am and what my name is!
Mi name is keana n I amm pretty n I dont care what other people think keana , keanna n other ways how ya spell it rocks
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