Meaning of the name Keila:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English (Modern)
keila is a beautiful and intelligent girl who loves life!
thumbs up if your name is Keila??
Good Cousin ... Skinny Girl!! Clumsy!
im not ugly it means child of God
loveY? Oh, yes!
Hiawiian Priness & Daddys angerl. beautiful & tomboyish. Not afraid of anything, brave & Stong.
keilah is a city in jerusalem
keila means that a wonderful basketball player loves her friends and loves the colors blue, purple,and neon green....... :)
your name is keila that's why your saying nice things
Idk abt all that stuff, my name is Keila & I was nammed after tequila, the liquor...
Pretty, hot, awesome, cool, funny! NO KIDDING!! :)
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