Meaning of the name Keila:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English (Modern)
keila is a beautiful and intelligent girl who loves life!
thumbs up if your name is Keila??
Good Cousin ... Skinny Girl!! Clumsy!
im not ugly it means child of God
Hiawiian Priness & Daddys angerl. beautiful & tomboyish. Not afraid of anything, brave & Stong.
loveY? Oh, yes!
keilah is a city in jerusalem
keila means that a wonderful basketball player loves her friends and loves the colors blue, purple,and neon green....... :)
Idk abt all that stuff, my name is Keila & I was nammed after tequila, the liquor...
She tends to say awkward a lot.
Pretty, hot, awesome, cool, funny! NO KIDDING!! :)
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