Meaning of the name Keith:
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Gender: Male
Usage: English, Scottish
An person who is well liked; a scottish word for battle place, also warrior
Good fine cute
this name means migty. super and kind.also this name means good looking. i have a brother named keith so i now what they act like.
Keith also means "brave"
a cute boyfriend/bestfriens
Super cute dream guy
Goog cute
Lol one of my best friends is named Keith, and he's awesome. But I did lol when we found out about Family Guy's opinion on the name....haha.
Amazing, super cute, super hot, and super lovey. Is strong and sweet. Has a soft spot for one perfect girl, and will do anything for her. He's great at keeping secrets and likes everyone who accepts his girl.
a good loyal friend and a big time joker
this is the name of my cousin and he is sooooooooo sweet and generous
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