Meaning of the name Keith:
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Gender: Male
Usage: English, Scottish
An person who is well liked; a scottish word for battle place, also warrior
Good fine cute
this name means migty. super and kind.also this name means good looking. i have a brother named keith so i now what they act like.
Goog cute
a cute boyfriend/bestfriens
Keith also means "brave"
Super cute dream guy
Lol one of my best friends is named Keith, and he's awesome. But I did lol when we found out about Family Guy's opinion on the name....haha.
Amazing, super cute, super hot, and super lovey. Is strong and sweet. Has a soft spot for one perfect girl, and will do anything for her. He's great at keeping secrets and likes everyone who accepts his girl.
untrustworthy fire crotch
keith is my name.... I lyk!****
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