Meaning of the name Kelly:
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Gender: Male & Female
Usage: Irish, English
fearless logisal visous loveing wild all but quiet at the same time
kelly is nice nice nice nice nice
Kelly means warrior. He/She is usually shy, but he/she is very generous and kind-hearted.
Kelly is a nice girl how is there for her friends !!!!!
beatiful and strong
pretty, quiet and loved girl who loves to have fun :D
Kelly means smart, strong, beautiful, sometimes mean and she will protect the ones she love.. Including her/his friends and lover.
Someone who cares for her family and doesn't let anyone hurt her child/children. IS AN AWESOME MOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
kelly is my bestfriend and i find her absolutely amazing we both love eachother to bits she is loveY and goes out iv a Hot lad and she always has a boyfriend because boys are all over her. your kelly might not be the same but if you met my kelly you would see what im on about she is always there for me and knows everything about me. I LOVE HER TOO BITS I LOVE YOU HUNNY BUNNY!
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