Meaning of the name Kendra:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English
the best freind
an amazing beautiful girl who you would be lucky to meet and is a friend you sshould cherish forever
good at loving
a really lovexy person with a lot of friends.
Kendra means knowledge not any of these loving names
The knowing woman
super flirt
super pretty nice, friendly
A wonderful girl who would make a very good friend!!!
Karen just means pure && natural. Karen iss ah name that means earth which iss 1 of the 4 elements that make uss up:)nice, friendly and helpfulBeautiful woman in the inside. Everyone loves you Karen....fine personkarenmy mams called karen :sIt means Blessed, Pure, and Holy with roots from Danish, Norwegian, and Old Englisha loving fat fine person& i'm not complaining or anything , but some of those things sound like PERSONAL problems , so take care of them on your ownnever a bad person and fights for peple
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