Meaning of the name Kennedy:
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Gender: Male & Female
Usage: English, Irish, Scottish
Can sing,atheletic,pretty, not photo genic,independent,smiley,can make new friends easy,christian,has a great family
The most awesome person in the entire world
beautiful ,intellegent,can sing
Stands up for what's right.
Gorgeous, smart, sweet, short, light-weight, talkactive at times, artist, golfer, has lots of friends, funny, skinny, has abs, cheerful,flexible, loves dogs, actress, singer, cheerleader, thin, spirited, loving
prettiest/ handsomest
A wonderful Christian
Loving, carefree, awesome, hot, athletic, totally date-able
Kennedy means that they will be whatever they want to be they can be fat or thin ugly or pretty smart or dumb
Normally Red Head.
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