Meaning of the name Kenneth:
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Gender: Male
Usage: Scottish, English, Scandinavian
well my boyfriend's name is Kenneth and i think it means very strong and out going and it also means very loving and caring and someone that will always be there for u... i love you Kenneth Baby!!!! :)
well the name kenneth means: cute, handsome, caring, loveable, lovey, BIPOLAR & MY LOVE :)
Napayshni is the Native American name for Kenneth. Meaning Courageous and Strong!
Outdoorsy type of guy and really nice and caring
all of the other ones are true xDbut for me it means a loving, caring person tht is athletic.usually nice, but piss him off & he can be a dog. sticks to one girl.
rly nice athletic caring person
kenneths are creative, cool, awesome, and many more things.
Means boyfriend with huge
I guy who turn his life from negative to positive so where is the love at
Not at all i just have a gift that lest my energy vibe feel out whoever near me without even have to read body language cuz some ppl r train in body language women r good at it putting on a frantic they like u back really by their energy they want to have a nice event without being dogout or hollar at. It been times i just listen to my woman vent then it been time i just been quite cuz her energy want to b their in say somthing but at the same time it also was giving off i am mad so watever u say want make me feel happy. She was piss off that day too but when she told me to walk a head of her i didn't know she was looking at my rear end i thought totally different but when she got a head of me ooo weee my woman got rear end for days. I didn't want my hormone to take control in at time it did.
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