Meaning of the name Kenneth:
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Gender: Male
Usage: Scottish, English, Scandinavian
well my boyfriend's name is Kenneth and i think it means very strong and out going and it also means very loving and caring and someone that will always be there for u... i love you Kenneth Baby!!!! :)
well the name kenneth means: cute, handsome, caring, loveable, lovey, BIPOLAR & MY LOVE :)
Napayshni is the Native American name for Kenneth. Meaning Courageous and Strong!
Outdoorsy type of guy and really nice and caring
all of the other ones are true xDbut for me it means a loving, caring person tht is athletic.usually nice, but piss him off & he can be a dog. sticks to one girl.
rly nice athletic caring person
Means boyfriend with huge
kenneths are creative, cool, awesome, and many more things.
Love able my daddy I love you daddy you r the best father of three also caring
Kenneth love is Naomi in Alana this is creepy that u hack my phone in i dnt know u. Ur not the first females hawking me thank u for being honest but i had a woman is she amaze in the one. Plus I wish u could have came up to me in person in tlk to me instead of this way it make u look as a stalker a obsesse stalker. U want a guy in the future dnt b a fraid to make the first move my wife soon to be did her name Naomi n I knew she was the one of her personality what won my heart n me over. Just respect it in look for another but it doesn't me n move on Alana
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