Meaning of the name Kenya:
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Gender: Male
Usage: Russian
Sweet n SHE is not a male SHE is a FEMALE
Gender a female
Beautiful girl with many dreams!
Beautiful,Fun,Nice,Sweet and Flirty kind of gal!!
EnergeticCuriousOutgoingSophisticatedGenerous Caring
she is beutiful with many dreams and spitful at times
shes/he is good or bad when ever and however they want to be.
Im Very Smart, Kind, Beautiful, Loving, Funny, Curious & Mean At Moments. & Am Not EMOO!!!
she is the main C H I Z Z. 8)
Intelligent. Can be spiteful sometimes. Don't stand for anything. Always makes it through a situation even without any help
Realy nice my friend say sweet, pre tty,lovely and hates the gril that distroied her and her friends life her best friends are thali,esme,.kathy, and ariana and the person i hate is liliana patino
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