Meaning of the name Kenya:
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Gender: Male
Usage: Russian
Sweet n SHE is not a male SHE is a FEMALE
Gender a female
Beautiful girl with many dreams!
Beautiful,Fun,Nice,Sweet and Flirty kind of gal!!
EnergeticCuriousOutgoingSophisticatedGenerous Caring
she is beutiful with many dreams and spitful at times
shes/he is good or bad when ever and however they want to be.
Im Very Smart, Kind, Beautiful, Loving, Funny, Curious & Mean At Moments. & Am Not EMOO!!!
she is the main C H I Z Z. 8)
Intelligent. Can be spiteful sometimes. Don't stand for anything. Always makes it through a situation even without any help
An Awesome. Loses her cell phone FAST! (Like On The Second Day She loving Got It!) And Hates The Names and Persons: Madison Elizabeth Chadwick And Gerson Campos And Derick Leyva-
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