Meaning of the name Keren:
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Gender: Female
Usage: Hebrew
Keren means:A good student a,confident person,someone who might sing pretty well.Someone who loves musicSomeone who will fall in love someday.Keren means a dreamer person,which she wants to make true.Keren means cute,and love and dream.Keren is someone who will be on TV soon and she is someone who will meet her favorites star (leo howard and selena gomez)Keren is a person who will ave a lot of victories in her life.Keren is a lovely person who will have a beatiful husband and she will be happy forever.
keren means cute and sticks up for herself
WHAT A fine person
Keren means a person that is unique ,someone who never gives up, someone who is an awesome friend, someone who loves being herself and she isn't afraid to show who she is.Keren is someone different from everybody,.. Keren is keren and she will always be KEREN! LOL
cutie awesome and will have an awesome life
Keren means a brunette who wears blue sweatshirts who also always wears some type of blue shoes and has a best friend named sophie who is in love with horses!
cute, funny & is full of life & always likes to share her dreams with her friends and fam.
2md daughter of Jacob in the bible. And also a pretty name. That's it
keren is a high strong person who is quickminded and knows what she want. she is alsome and loves icecream. my bff and can always tell you the truth evan if it hurts. she has a boyfriend named evan(who is supper hot) she also has a boyfriend named alex(who is ugly but supper nice) and often cant make up here mind she is a person worth wild and i love her she has kissed 23 boys and is a go getter and thats what i like about keren
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