Meaning of the name Kerenza:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English (Rare)
That is Mean I am going to report abuse that just happens to be my gorgeous wonderful in every way sister your no Nice person Your a ungrateful bully My sister is muched love And I think you should stop being a bully what has the name Kerenza ever done to you (nothing exactly) leave her alone if she said that to you, you wouldn't like it and Treat people how you would like to be treated and respected Vote if you agree
Kerenza is a cute name it happens to be my sisters name your rude how dare you say you hope Kerenza falls down the stairs she is not stupid
Kerenza brings a lot of love
oh and my name is Caitlin if you got something mean to say about me I dare you to go on my name And type The mean thing you have to say to me don't take it out on other people apart from the person who is making you act like this upset
I can call you a beep
I know most things
you mean So and so *****
I am not listening to your mean things you have to say
Kerenza Means Love and not a bad bone in her body.
you think u know it all but u dont so i hope u die today
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