Meaning of the name Kerry:
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Gender: Male & Female
Usage: English
a good person that care about others
it mean talented and all way being just who you are!!!!
The Name Kerry Means Awesome, Beautiful, Talented, Sporty, A Great Dancer, A Great Friend, And A Friendly Person!!!!!!
he is a male.he is also jamacain.and he is a father of mine.
clever and smart
dejeon battick
Beautiful marshland.
kerry,is always a person who love's there computer and isn't that great with spending money
one of my best friends whos THE funniest person i have ever met
Beautiful marshland.
hey gently caressers. thats my moms name. gently caress all of you that is absolutely not what her name means., it means someone who is nice and caring and would do anything for anyone. someone who always puts others before herself!
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