Meaning of the name Kia:
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Gender: Female
Usage: Swedish
My name is Kia and I think it means that I am loving, caring, and outgoing. Sometimes I can be shy, and if you get on my nerve... well just don't get on my nerves. That's what the name Kia means to me.
It means "earth" in Native American; It means you have life and confidence even when the weight of the world is on your shoulders
My name is Kia but it is pronounced Kiah! My name Kia means in African: A new beginning against one with earth!
Kia iz my name and all these comments are so right except blue eyez mine r brown and sometimez green
my name iz kia...the name kia means talented, smart,different n all types of ways,your beaautiful,have some anger issues, & that your special,loving & caring
Kia means that you are outgoing,beautiful and smart and my name is Kia and the name Kia is native american and african.Plus, Kia means your not afraid for who you are.
kia's my name;D
my name is Kia and I am intelligent and good at lessons
kia means to be unique and have some wierd quality, but have enough self-esteem to move it out of the way. that's what kia means to me coming from Kia Johns
i thought this name was english
Its Mean To Shut Thee Heck Up
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