Meaning of the name Kiki:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English
is a nice girl
ruler of the household
intellagent beautiful creative
A name for a strong girl and a girl who knows how to deal with things easily without panic
lovey, and cute, and smart!
ruler of the houshold
well my anme is kiki an im a woderful spoil person
she's a nice girl. u people type crummy things, so is not perfect nobody is perfect and she is not a foam face. treat others the way you would want to be treated...
KiKi's Deliverey Service!Great Show!
it means someone very talented and very smart, pretty has a nice face and knows how to fencing.
i am sorry i am on my laptop and i am having love with my ggirlfriend and......ahhhhhhhhh yea baby yea its so deep in me yea lick that cat it feels so good gently caress it gently caress it gently caress it i am foamming i am foamming i am foamming i foammed sorry what was i saying oyea step 1 it means the ruler of the house hold and step 2 got to step three call this number 1323-777-2-111 thx ah yea
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