Meaning of the name Kori:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English
People with the name Kori are usually nice,kind, and care deeply about people around them. They can tend to be on the shy side to peole they dont know but after they warm up to you they can be hyper and crazy but at the same time a lot of fun. People with this name are some of the best you will find around. :)
funny lovey smart lazy
Free spirited, kind, kool, funny, beautiful, hyper, daring, optimistic, down to earth, lazy, and just one of the most amazing people I have ever met. :))
i think it means lazy and hiper and doesnt beed energy drinks and gets in lots of trouble. Has lots of friends and isnt one who wants to be popular. Just wants to have fun with friends.
hey my names kori too! Ima girl but very very very hyper! Totally true things u put there;) Kori:)
an amazing,cool,fun,smart,pretty,loving,hyper,athletic,good at dancing,and all around great gall(:
Way to trusting. Never lets go. A fighter. Strong. Happy. Kind. Hyper. Cute. Out going. Different. Loves love. Loves to love. Loves to help. A helper. A crying shoulder. A best grind. A great companion.
I am a libra.
this is my name, (:
I'm a guy but I'm hyper lazy decent grades caring lots of friends every girl I'm friends with say I'm cute so its preety much all true what u guys say
lovey rear end fine person
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