Meaning of the name Krista:
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Gender: Female
Usage: German, English
Krista means :100 hundred percent, without a doubt, positively , no doubt about awesome all around girl, someone to lean on and ask for advice. The occasional evil plan may come from a Krista. Also the occasional snarky comment and sarcastic remark will come from a Krista..but at the end of the day they are quite loveable creatures lol.. Krista's will rule the universe... WATCH OUT KRYSTALS AND KRISTINS...KRISTA'S ARE COMING :)
nicest, coolest, and most awesomest person/friend you could ever have in this entire world
realy sweet
my best friend in the WHOLE WORLD!! and is an AWESOME FRIEND!!:)
always laughing annnd suuper athletic!!!
i like the name
lovely, and gracious
loveY, Blonde, and Laughs a lot!! Everyone loves Krista. Krista likes to joke around and have fun! An Awesome girl!
awesome person and a person whi has many friends!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
Krista, like the germanic namesake christ, does not mean to be like jesus but rather to be a savior. She hates sadness and wants to always smile and create hapiness in others. Krista believes that you only live once so why worry and that decision are ther for you to choose for yourself, not for others. They are very energetic and uplifting people who love to laugh and accept a variety of people for who they are....though she can hold a gruge as well
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