Meaning of the name Kristen:
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Gender: Male
Usage: Danish, Norwegian
kristen is a girl name not a boy name!
Kristen means follower of Christ
My name is Kristen and I am a Female NOT a male!!!
my name is kristen and i'm so not a dude
kristen is an awsome name
Kristen is actually a female name because that is my sisters name.
Kristen means nice, funny, a great listener, and it is a girl name.
kristen means follower of christ...shouldnt we all try to be followers of christ
To the person who said Kristen makes the best sister ever, my Kristen does drugs, tried to turn the family against one another, and got kicked out of the house for being down right disrespectful. So yeah, Kristen is a warm, loving sister. -.-
loves the lord teach people about him
kristen is my sister and i LOVE HER she is the best ever so shut up all you loving rear end in a tophats who dont have loving life so shut the gently caress up cause you suck balls or wat ever you nasty perverts put in your mouths!!!! you piss me off rear end in a tophats and she is HOTT!! so screw you rear end in a tophats!!!!!!!
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