Meaning of the name Kristi:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English
i have a friend named kristi so i got this sweet cool sporty not afraid to be herself lives with a crazy brother who know's barely anything about the bible but goes to my church
its a sick name. (sick means awesome)
It rocks my moms name
A sweet little girl.
its my moms name and it means kind caring and giving
my mom's name is kristi and she is sweet,loving,she loves sports,funny,intelligent,caring,kind,nice,ect.but i love her very much.when i am not with her i miss her.but you do not know how much i miss her.i am only 8 years old and i wrote this. love, kellen
nice and kind knows how to do stuff
Awesome kristi
Street smart and book smart
Party girl, funny, nice, outgoing, blonde, blue eyes, smart, not street smart, fun to be around.
it is a awful name
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