Meaning of the name Kristian:
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Gender: Male
Usage: Scandinavian, Finnish
Is a nice and cool person. Cares about everyone and doesnt hate
Kristian=Very sweet and kind
it means a follower of good
sweet,kind,nice,and cool pearson. she/he is smart and sometimes bad
A nice cool person that fits in well. Normally follows the rules. Half of the time breaks rules behind teachers,parents etc. backs. Sweet and kind to most people. THIS IS A GIRL NAME TOO!!! does follow JESUS and The LORD well
Kristian means~ sweet kind fine persony and crazy outgoing tell u is!!!
follower of jesus and praises the lord well
kristian is my name and it means follower of christ or follower of all good.
The official loveiest n most caring n loving boyfriend anyone could have (:
my name is kristian and I believe it tells who I am exactly to the point :)
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