Meaning of the name Kyleigh:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English (Modern)
pretty lady
a very pretty and athletic girl who cares about her friends :)
Bright,Smart,attractive great sense of humor.
it means attractive not "woman" and the person who said it probably is one.
The most awesomest person.
My name Kyleigh means 'Boomerang' in Latin. My parents told me it symbolized (to them) I always returned to God, no matter how far I'm thrown or cast, I always come back and ask forgiveness. Also very attractive(;
The name Kyleigh means nice and athletic :) A girl who cares:))
This is my name, and it means attractive
My mother says it means boomerang,but on it means attractive
The Kyleigh that I know is a mean backstabber but, the cutest boy in my grade likes her...
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