Meaning of the name Lael:
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Gender: Male
Usage: Biblical
my name means belonging to god
I have a bff named leal she is a very nice girl and helps ther as well as me she helps me some times and a middle name taht si lael i do not think it means she is a girl judge it by the first name not the middle or last okay?
i have a bff and named lael and she is a very nice girl and she is a good helper :)
my friends name is lael
i meant the name lael
my name is lael...swagg
I have a best friend who's middle name is Lael. She is a girl. Wouldn't that mean it would be male and female?
God's Little Helper
my friends name is lael she is a girl
my name is lael i am not a man
my name means blonging to the lord what that mean excatly mean i am specaial?
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