Meaning of the name Lahela:
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Gender: Female
Usage: Hawaiian
My own situation was a week's worth of non-communication. I first got the prmopt to put in a phone number to get the code and pretty much reflexively did so. That got me as far as Gmail. Once I entered my profile site, I saw that I was suspended.I hit the dispute endon and spent a week sending Feedback posts twice a day Mostly out of boredom, but, I really did want my profile back. (-_-)After the week, I found myself re-suspended in the morning before going to work. Reflexively hit the dispute endon again. And, within an hour, had full access to my Google content, profile, G+, Buzz. No contact, no email, no sorry , no legal ID, no legal name, just sort of pretend it never happened, I guess. (._.)Mind you, I have no qualms with providing my real idenpillowy, in spite of nobody knowing me as my given name. But, my one desire is that my legal idenpillowy is kept out of sight. Not because of any co-workers or family finding out anything. They all already know Immy . But, in consideration of the horror stories I've heard about online stalkers.At this point, Google has accepted that I'm most commonly known as Imnotgoing (Immy) Sideways. I'm pleased with the result but I count the days before they screw something up again. (T_T)
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