Meaning of the name Lajuanna:
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Gender: Female
Usage: Modern English
Girls:1. Love Phoebe, hate Estelle.2. LOVE BOTH NAMES! they go great together3. Hate both names. Sounds like an old perosn.4. Prefer Olivia Grace. It's really pretty5. Prefer Serenity Nevaeh. I don't love the names though6. Prefer London Sky- Sound nice together.7. Prefer Arabella Sky- though I don't really like the name Arabella8. Prefer Lily Anastasia- Love Lily, Anastasia is okay9. Prefer Ivory Jade- LOVE THE NAME IVORY! and Ivy for a nickname. I don't really like Jade with it Rose or other short environmental names go really well with the nameBest girl combination: Ivory Sky or Eden Grace I actually like most of your names Boys:1.Malachi Alexander Williams- it's okay2. Gabriel Isaac Williams Love the name Isaac, I'd use it as a first name3 Isaac Samuel Williams lol I have a cousin with that exact name I like it though4. Elijah Cole Williams like Cole but not Elijah5.Gavin Cole Williams Gavin Michael Williams6.Noah Michael Williams nice- LOVE IT7. Christopher Noah Williams- Love Noah but not Christopher8.Benjamin Michael Williams that's a nice nameBest boy combination: Noah Isaac or Benjamin ColeReferences :
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