Meaning of the name Lake:
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Gender: Male
Usage: English (Rare)
I'm a guy and my name is Lake. I guess my names not so weird and unusual after all :D
My name is Lake and I'm a means someone strong and bold, someone that is courageous and artistic, someone that loves a little challenge, loves to hang out with friends, and someone that all the girls/boys adore(depending on what gender you are.)In my case all the boys adore me lol but mostly for my personality, (LOOKS COUNT!!!) ;)
it is my name and i am a FEMALE
idk dut it can be a female name 2.
The only thing I know About it is that it is Irish and is pronounced LaKay (in the frenetic pronounceation. The "L" is stressed in the pronounceation of the word along with the "K" in the word.
I don't know what my name means.I was trying to find that out.What is wrong with this website.Ending up in my google search.My teacher said this rear endignment would be easy.I only know two other Lakes.A boy who is 6 and a girl who is a baby.Who ever reads this thanks and have a good day.Don't be bad!
Lake is not a girl name.It is a boy/girl name,like Jesse.
I like zoe
im a laken to cheers
Lakelyn means beautiful body of water(P.S. my name is Lakelyn :)
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