Meaning of the name Lakeisha:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English (African American)
very lady like none other special an unique
gently caress You Nigga's. you aint got nothing on this fine person
it means a girl that wants a guy who will luv her for who she is and who wont care what ppl say bout her
gently caress you fine person!!
racess ppl on this site
you all need to learn how to spell
La'keisha means - a strong woman\lady Who has good self-asteem , doesnt let things get to her , Beautiful and special .
It is Indian & means deep ocean
lakeisha means strong and loving that all ways wants to borrow money from you and will beg if you say nooo kml love u sis
like to buy hamburgers and remove the meat paty. then rubs it inbetween her toes and place it back in the burger before consumming it
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