Meaning of the name Lakeshia:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English (African American)
Beautiful African queen.
In English, the name Lakeshia means- Lakeisha and its variants are rhyming forms of Leticia. Joyful; happy.. The name Lakeshia orginated as an English name. The name Lakeshia is most often used as a girl name or female name.English Name Meaning - Lakesiha and its variants are rhyming forms of Leticia. Joyful; happy.
My Name Is Lakeshia And iLove What My Names Means Too :) iAm African American But iWould Like To Know Where My Ancestors Came From .
my name is Lakeshia and I love the meaning of my name. I am African American and im sure my ancestors came from Africa, so if my names means Beautiful African Queen..then I must live up to those words.
queen of the lake
i know that my name means im a beautiful african queen and im ooing to live upon my mane:)
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My name Lakeshia and I am happy that I finally found out what my name means. It is amazing when you find out that your name means something so closely rooted to you. I am African American and I am proud to say that my name means beautiful African queen now I must live up to it.
my name lakeshia i like my name because it is a beautiful name to me and im an african american girl and im glad i came to my family in america it great to be home with my great family in america and my name mean a beautiful queen to me and my family age 7name lakeshia
Another very, very interesting aicltre. I think it's a shame how African American artists have been overlooked, but this has changed now and I am glad about it. I think there is so much treasure and so much soul in African American art.
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