Meaning of the name Lambert:
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Gender: Male
Usage: German, Dutch, French, English, Ancient Germanic
who loves to have love an loses their virginity at a young age
I only heared of Lewbert
cares to much sometimes about someone
im soo happy im a lambert
me to lewbert
I like the first meaning
My last name is lambert and I live with my grandma and there are 4 different opinions on this name 1.a good name 2.a bad name 3.both a good and bad name & 4. You can't decide which one
i am luck
no you guys out there who are making up nasty meanings my last name is lambert and i am a a girl who just want to know the real meaning of the name ok if this happens again i will do this again and again and so on do u hear me
it would b nice if people wouldnt opinions on here but would actually put the meaning
it means u love to have fun in life and make love to other are awesome an can be gothic but your always going to be hott
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