Meaning of the name Lana:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English, Russian
Bright Star, the fair one, a beautiful place, peaceful, precious, little rock, calm as still water,attractive
beatiful kid everyone likes you
Means that you have a laid back personallity but when someone wants to mess with you then they better watch out because you have some claws underneath that calmness
it also means a beautiful place
Awesome, beautiful, and kind when she wants to be
It means shy but loving and generous
Ok lana is greek for light and that i do not know more than one person named lana ... My older third cousin who is 17 dayz older than me ... She is awesome ... Funny... A little anoying at times but she is awesome ... Not that tall but what she lacks in height she makes up for in awesomeness,funnyness,sensitivity,style,and being a great friend. I madison selinda leigh sisson am talking about lana marie ambrosini
is it really russian
my name lana and im agrsivve
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