Meaning of the name Latisha:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English (African American)
it means she is smart, beautiful, out going.. and well respected person
latisha is my friend!!! :P
It means beautiful,nice,and is my mom
Latisha means a strong and determined girl. She ries to make everyone happy even through she has to also be happy. Latisha is miersable and crazy.
Latisha is a crazy woman, lives life to the fullest=0)
Shes my mom and my sister my brother and me care about her
it means peace and love. but also means world distruction.
latisha is a beutiful young lady that is smart nice and sweet but when you get in her nerves she will go gorillia style on you so watch out
latisha is my mom and all here family loves her
Latisha is a happy girl who always try her best
Latisha Means Joy...
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