Meaning of the name Lauryn:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English (Modern)
Lauryn (f): Originates from the Roman word Laurel, which which was a crown of victory. People with the name Lauryn, Lauren, Loren, Lawerence, Lorenza etc. tend to be very smart and successful in life. For example: Designer Ralph Lauren and Singer Lauryn Hill. When you are a Lauryn, you have a great sense of humor, you are smart, loud, and you are victorious in almost everything you do.
All girls named Lauryn are awesome,funny,out going,loud and so very beautiful!!:)
nice,kind listens to a lot of different music,shy,and pretty
it means faith caring and carefulness and may have some bumps in the road but always gets through it
It comes from the laurel tree of honor and glory
this name just means AWESOME in the simplist way
lovey and Cute who has a great personality and who wont show their feelings unless you know
it is also my name so to me it means caring,diva and loving
A very unique, funny, loud, and crazy indilvidual. Listens to a lotta different music... some that you'll like and some that you'll hate/ Crazy. lovey. Cool. HEARTBREAKER
This is my name and omg im all of these things ... hehe ;)
lauryn is my BESTIE for EVA... its means a total fun lover, rule breaker, heartbreaker, awesome, friend!!!
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